Urgent Appeal for Life-Saving Surgery

Meet Andrew Kalinda, a brave 11-year-old boy facing a critical health challenge. Andrew has been battling a tumor in his eye, a condition that demands immediate attention. The tumor, identified as a life-threatening retinoblastoma, poses a grave risk to his well-being. We at PAHFO have been providing Andrew with vital medical support to alleviate his suffering.

However, Andrew’s situation has now reached a point of critical urgency. To ensure his survival and a chance at a healthy life, he requires immediate surgical intervention to remove the tumor. The total cost of this essential surgery is $1,100.

Retinoblastoma is a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. Without prompt and effective treatment, it threatens Andrew’s eyesight and, ultimately, his life. The surgery will be conducted by a team of experienced medical professionals, ensuring the best possible outcome.

We appeal to our compassionate supporters and kind-hearted donors to help us secure the funds required for Andrew’s surgery. Your generous contribution will directly impact this young boy’s future, giving him a chance to live a life free from pain and suffering.

Andrew’s life is hanging in the balance, and time is of the essence. Your donation, no matter the size, can be the lifeline that Andrew urgently needs. Join us in this critical mission to save a young life and offer hope to Andrew, his family, and the community.

To donate HERE, please contact us at email for any instructions regarding the given donation. Together, we can make a life-changing difference for this young boy.

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