Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I make a donation to PAHFO?
    You can make a donation to PAHFO through our website by clicking on the “Donate” button. We also accept donations via check, wire transfer, or other methods. Please contact our Donor Services team for more information on
  2. Is my donation to PAHFO tax-deductible?
    Yes, PAHFO is a registered nonprofit organization, and donations made to us are typically tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor or tax authorities for specific details regarding your tax situation.
  3. Can I choose how my donation is used?
    Yes, you can specify if you would like your donation to be allocated to a particular program, cause, or project. Our Donor Services team (on can assist you in directing your donation to your preferred area.
  4. How are donations used by PAHFO?
    Donations to PAHFO are used to support our various programs and initiatives, which include We provide free medical services, humanitarian aid, and healthcare training to directly and positively impact the families and communities we serve. Improving their health and well-being, and also help bring about needed change in those communities. A significant portion of donations goes directly to the causes we serve, while a portion may cover administrative and operational expenses.
  5. Can I receive updates on how my donation was used?
    Yes, PAHFO is committed to transparency. We regularly provide updates on our website, in newsletters, and through direct communication about the impact of donations and how they are used to support our programs.
  6. Can I make a recurring donation to PAHFO?
    Yes, we welcome recurring donations. This option allows you to make a lasting impact by providing ongoing support to our initiatives. You can set up recurring donations through our website or by contacting our Donor Services team (on
  7. How can I change or cancel my recurring donation?
    You can modify or cancel your recurring donation by contacting our Donor Services team (on They will be happy to assist you with any changes to your donation plan.


  1. How can I get involved in PAHFO’s activities as a volunteer?
    PAHFO values the contributions of volunteers. Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn about available positions and how to apply or contact
  2. How does PAHFO ensure the privacy and security of my personal information?
    PAHFO is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. We maintain strict security measures and follow data protection laws. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.
  3. What is the mission of PAHFO?
    PAHFO’s mission is To improve the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, and communities in Uganda by providing essential support, education, and resources. We are dedicated to creating a brighter future for those affected by poverty and inadequate access to healthcare and education. We are committed to At PAHFO, our core goals and areas of focus include empowering orphans, fostering community development, promoting education for all, improving healthcare access, and enhancing the nutrition and well-being of vulnerable children and communities in Uganda.

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