Urgent Appeal: Help Fight Hunger and Save Lives in Wabigalo Village, Mityana

In the heart of Wabigalo Village, Mityana, a growing crisis is unfolding. Hunger and food insecurity have taken a devastating toll on the lives of the most vulnerable: the children. Every day, these innocent souls are suffering the agonizing effects of malnutrition, and the situation is dire. We need your help to make a difference, and we need it now.

For these children, their only source of nourishment is meager, inconsistent, and often contaminated food. To quench their thirst, they resort to drinking water from ponds, often sharing these sources with animals. The result? A vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition that threatens their lives. These children are not only hungry, they are sick and desperately in need of a lifeline.

Wabigalo Village cries out for help. Our organization, the People’s Aid for Humanity (PAHFO), is on the front lines, striving to provide immediate relief and sustainable solutions to this crisis. But we cannot do it alone. We need your support, your compassion, and your generosity.

Your donation, no matter the size, will be a beacon of hope for these children. It will provide nutritious meals, clean water, and medical care to save lives and restore their health. It will create opportunities for a brighter future, where these children can grow and thrive, breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger.

Join us in our mission to end the suffering in Wabigalo Village. Your support will be felt directly in the smiles of these children, in their laughter, and in their renewed hope for a better tomorrow. Your compassion can be the difference between life and death.

Visit our PAHFO website and make a donation today. Together, we can rescue these children from the clutches of hunger, malnutrition, and disease. Together, we can bring a ray of hope to Wabigalo Village, Mityana.

Your generosity can save lives. Please, let’s act now. Thank you for making a difference.

To donate, simply tap the donate button up, input amount and choose whether monthly support or once, continue put in card or Google pay (Gpay) and tap Pay. Please note: Your payments or transactions are 100% secure. Also we use SMIO-SMC Limited to deliver all your financial donations to our Organization account safe, swift and free of charge. God Bless You. Any inquiries, Please reach out to us on. support@pahfo.org

Here Children are looking for foods and what to eat from Garbage pits. Β Kindly consider donating today. Enable PAHFO to provides foods, but also awareness of the harm that can arise from eating garbage as food, as well as supporting their families start growing foods. It is our policy that when we find that some are orphans PAHFO recruits them into the PAHFO orphanage.

Children Drink From Pond/ditches of very dirty water. We need urgent AID to save this situation. PAHFO Is asking only $1200 to embark on a program to dig 3 boreholes to provide clean water to this community of 10000 people.

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