Employee of the Year 2023 – PAHFO

🌟 Celebrating Excellence! 🌟

In 2023, Ritah Namwanje, our dedicated Legal Secretary at Patrick and Hellen Foundation, stood out as a beacon of excellence. Her unwavering commitment to our mission of holistic care for orphans, empowering rural communities through financial education, and fostering agronomic empowerment has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Ritah, your passion, and hard work have not only elevated our organization but have also brought positive change to the lives of those we serve. Your stellar performance reflects the heart and soul of Patrick and Hellen Foundation.

Here’s to Ritah, a shining example of the impact one individual can make when driven by compassion and dedication. Thank you for your exceptional service in 2023, and we look forward to continued success together in the years to come! 🌈👏 #EmployeeOfTheYear #ExcellenceInService #PatrickAndHellenFoundation

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