Accountability Policy

PAHFO (Patrick And Hellen Foundation) is committed to transparency, responsibility, and the highest standards of accountability in all its activities. This Accountability Policy outlines our dedication to ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively, and that the interests of our beneficiaries and stakeholders are protected.


Transparency: We are committed to providing clear, accessible, and timely information about our organization, programs, and finances to our stakeholders and the public.

Stewardship: We will manage and allocate resources responsibly and ethically, ensuring that donor funds are used for their intended purposes.

Ethical Conduct: PAHFO is committed to conducting all activities with integrity, honesty, and respect for our beneficiaries, partners, and the communities we serve.

Accountability to Donors:

PAHFO will use donations for the purpose for which they are given and ensure that donor intent is respected.

We will provide donors with regular updates on how their contributions are making a difference and express our gratitude for their support.

Donor information will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties without express consent.

Accountability to Beneficiaries:

PAHFO will listen to and engage with the communities we serve, ensuring their voices are heard in the planning and execution of our programs.

We will strive to make our programs as effective as possible, continuously seeking ways to improve and learn from our experiences.

Mechanisms for feedback and complaint handling will be in place for beneficiaries to report concerns or grievances.

Accountability in Governance:

The Board of Directors and senior management of PAHFO will operate with transparency, ethical conduct, and a commitment to the organization’s mission.

We will adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, both in Uganda and internationally.

Financial and organizational information will be accurately and completely disclosed in annual reports and on our website.

Reporting and Compliance:

PAHFO will prepare and publish annual reports, including financial statements and program outcomes, to provide donors and the public with a comprehensive view of our work.

We will comply with all legal, regulatory, and tax requirements relevant to our operations and report regularly to relevant authorities.

Whistleblower Protection:

PAHFO will establish procedures to protect employees and stakeholders who report unethical or illegal activities within the organization.

Whistleblowers will be protected from retaliation, and their concerns will be thoroughly investigated.

Review and Updates:

This Accountability Policy will be reviewed annually by PAHFO’s leadership and Board of Directors to ensure its ongoing relevance and effectiveness.

Any updates or revisions will be communicated to all stakeholders and made publicly available.