Medical Outreach

Donate to Save Hedon’s Life. As you see him in the banner below, Hedon has congenital hydrocephalous, TB and is severely malnourished. Apart from his urgently needed surgery Hedon needs a supportive budget of up-to $30/day which on his supportive treatment. Your Generosity is his hope to live. Click on banner to donate.

At PAFHO Foundation, our Medical Outreach initiatives echo our steadfast commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility in rural communities. Our multifaceted approach spans preventive care, health promotion, and the delivery of comprehensive healthcare services to underserved families, all to further our dedication to health equity.

We emphasize preventive care, offering routine health check-ups, immunizations, and screenings, aimed at early disease detection and management. In parallel, we bolster health literacy by educating communities about various health conditions and their management. Our goal is to cultivate knowledgeable health advocates, well-versed in topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and mental health.

Our outreach goes beyond medical services, including policy advocacy for improved rural health outcomes and prompt emergency care. In short, our medical outreach program is our promise to extend affordable, quality healthcare to all, going beyond treating illness to fostering overall wellbeing, disease prevention, and health equity.