African Basket Purple Red Blue Woven Ugandan Handmade Hand Woven Coiled Woman Unique Grass Bowl

$ 100


Made By Our own Children at PAAHFO Orphanage.

It will be delivered with a page with long sweet story told behind how it was made and why. We hope you will like both the story and the Basket.


All proceeds from selling of these products go direct to funding the orphanage and community shared services like construction of boreholes for clean water.

This is a bright and colorful red and purple woven basket from the PAAHFO Orphans of Uganda in Africa. The types of traditional craft still most commonly seen in Uganda are those made of grass.

With an abundance of diverse grasses in the mountain highlands, artisans are rarely without raw materials. We skill our Orphans, and display great talent in weaving baskets. These basket bowls are constructed of sturdy local grasses wrapped with cotton twine. The grass has a natural shiny surface and grows wild in Mityana district where the weavers live.

The cotton twine leaves the grass coils exposed and reveals the construction of the basket. Baskets used to be common household objects in Uganda. Enormous storage baskets used to be woven to keep various beans and grains, while smaller, more decorative baskets were created for collecting fruits and vegetables and for winnowing grains. l and plastic items. Most baskets made now are created for a limited number of upper class people and tourists. This bright and useful basket would be wonderful in your home or to give as a gift.

11 3/4″ Tall x 11 3/4″ round x 5 3/4″ deep


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